Sales Manager Training

Sales Manager Training

At Yes You Can Inspired to Achieve we love to train people and training sales managers is no exception. When our clients contact us to help them build their irst sales team or assistant with sales team and business revenue growth we understand that great sales managers are hard to find and we also know that exceptional sales managers are like diamonds! Hard to find, precious and expensive. That’s why we have created training courses for Sales Managers in order to help you help your business grow.

Like selling, Sales Manager Training is an art and in our opinion you cannot train it unless you have had an extensive sales career across multiple business industry sectors. Our sales manager trainers have also been sales reps, sales managers, sales directors and of course a sales trainers.

Experience counts and if you have walked the path and built sales teams from startup ventures right through to teams in excess of five hundred staff with multiple sales managers for local and national teams then you may qualify as a Yes You Can Inspired to Achieve Sales Trainer. It is because of our life experience that our clients chose us to train their sales teams and their sales managers.

“Appoint the wrong sales manager and it could prove disastrous for your business. Get it right and your business and sales team will grow beyond measure”

  • Existing Sales Level
  • New Sales Level

We Shape and Polish Sales Managers

Recruiting Sales Managers

W do not only train sales mangers we also recruit them for you should you require. Recruiting the right sales manager talent to fit and suit your business is key. Like a glove it has to fit.

Motivating Your Sales Team

Motivation is one of the key sales success elements that we teach your sales managers to use. We show you how to create motivation and how to keep your team at a constantly motivated level.

Initial Training

Initial Sales Manager Training consists of the sales manager basics and base sales management principles. It helps to give your sales manager key knowledge and create key disciplines and procedures.

Train Your Team

Ongoing and constant sales training should be delivered to your sales team. We show you how to build it in to your day and how to make it fun and engaging with ultimate increased sales results and increased staff longevity.

Recruitment and Retention

We show your sales managers how to spot talent, how to nurture it and how to duplicate it in order to achieve over performing KPI performances.

Performance Management

No team can perform without optimised performance management programs in place to include KPI, One 2 One’s, team meetings, sales meetings and other essential daily, weekly and monthly performance management tools.

Great Sales Managers Create Lead and Grow your Bussiness