Interim Sales Management

Interim Sales Management

Interim Sales Management services are available for our clients that my require a temporary sales management interim when they have a sales management skills shortage or have experienced a recent drop in sales and wish to recover the sales revenue position very quickly.

Interim Sales Management services are also available where our clients do not wish to go through the at times difficult recruitment and bedding in period with an unknown new sales manager that perhaps does not carry the broad sales management experience to hit the ground running and achieve the results that you need.

Yes You Can Inspired to Achieve – Has a broad range of skilled sales managers, sales directors and sales recruitment experts many with over 25 years of sales and sales management experience at your disposal.

The Initial Brief
  • Your Market Share
  • Competitors Market Share
  • Unobtainable Share?

Our initial brief and discussion with the stakeholders and executive management qualifies what you are looking to achieve, your planned head count growth numbers, the sales team set up and who and what you want trained and for what purpose. Let’s not forget the sales targets KPI’s and P+L forecast.

  • A target is not a target until it has been hit
  • A team will not believe unless you have a relentless sales leader
  • Your team will grow in terms of motivation and success
  • They will share the same goals and company visions.
  • They will act professionally and responsibly


Why Choose Yes You Can?

Our clients are often surprised at what we can achieve in terms of sales team management, growth and sales revenue numbers. Our Master Coach and founder Bradley Chapman has experienced high levels of sales success and sales team growth and has helped companies build their sales teams.

  • We are sales recruitment experts
  • We are experienced sales interviewers
  • We are experienced sales trainers
  • We are success ful sales managers and sales directors
  • We are people people
  • We train Skill Knowledge and Attitude
  • We go above and beyond the call of duty
  • We have experience across multiple sales disciplines
  • We are you sales training and recruitment partners
Reaching Beyond the Sales Manager Interim Role

We also ensure that the whole team is included in the process and that no one is left out during the turnaround. The most crucial part is ensuring some degree of financial stability during the turnaround.

We need to look at the market, your customers and your competitors and define a program that gives your the edge in the market place. Remember we solve our customers problems and we shouldn’t actually sell them anything.

The interim sales managers role is to understand your business model and route to market, assess its viability and success outcome, suggest changes and the implement and execute the new refined and defined sales strategy.

Our end game is simple. To exit your business after our interim term leaving you with a motivated, skilled, driven and successful sales team and either having trained one of your team to step up and become your new sales manager to take over from us or we will help you search and recruit and train one to replace our interim.

How Do We Get The Ball Rolling?

We start with a free phone call discussion or a face to face meeting to meet you and your senior team. It is vitally important for any business owner when looking for an interim sales manager for him or her to be an ideal fit for your business.

Getting the right interim sales manager is like a puzzle and the piece has to fit.

This is why our clients chose Yes You Can Inspired to Achieve Interim Sales Manager services because we get it right first time every time saving you time money and of course the uncertainty that recruiting a new sales manager can bring and the upset that it could cause your business and your sales team if you get it wrong.

Sales Growth
  • Current Sales
  • New Targetd Sales

Introduction Video

I attended a 2 day sales fundamentals course run by Bradley in summer 2016. I moved from a technical production role in brewing to a role with a sales focus on it and wanted to achieve a good foundation in the basics of sales theory and practice. Bradley was a very passionate tutor who guided us through some very important and valuable sales theory and techniques and catered well for a very diverse group on the course. During and following the course I felt very encouraged and motivated to improve a side of business that had previously been alien to me. Ultimately, I came out the course feeling increasingly confident that set me up well for further progress in a sales lead role. Bradley’s personality and experience was key to the success of the course and I would recommend him as a tutor in sales theory and practice – Robert Percival

Robert Percival
Technical Sales Manager, Lallemand

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