Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

At Yes You Can Inspired to Achieve we offer a range of executive coaching services and training options for business owners and their senior executives to meet and exceed your short, medium and long term goals. Being an executive officer in any business or organisation requires a multitude of personal, inter personal skills and great levels of effective communication and of course clear and decisive leadership. Many of us at times will lose our focus and our drive and that may well be due to something that we have experienced. It is through experience that we can either grow or stand still. Executive leaders and senior managers should always evaluate and re-evaluate themselves and their teams in order to ensure that maximum performance in the workplace is achieved.

That is where we come in.

We can help you to:

  • Make the transition from being “managers” into “leaders”
  • Tackle performance issues more effectively like lateness and poor performance
  • Motivate and build their teams into high performing units
  • Help you to Coach and develop your staff regularly and consistently
  • Lead and implement your aggressive change agenda
  • Plan out and manage your time and your workloads more effectively
  • Delegate work in an empowering way
  • Improve your communication and soft skills – working with others to achieve results
  • Handle conflict in an appropriate manner
  • Improve bottom line performance measures like sales, service and satisfaction
  • Chair team meetings so that they finish on time with actionable output


What is the process?

First we start with a free 30 minute free consultancy call. This is where we get to know you and understand the challenges that you are facing in your business or career. Once we understand your immediate challenges and concerns we can then discuss and plan the executive coaching that you need in order to move from good to great and great to excellent. All of our initial consultancy calls are highly confidential and we act under non-disclosure agreements with many of our clients.

Your initial call will be held with our founder Bradley Chapman who has built and grown business in the UK and has traded internationally across a vast range of business sectors. He has enjoyed success in business and has also faced and overcome major adversities in his career. Bradley is an intense listener and intuitive individual who will no doubt help you to find a new and reinvigorated purpose and direction for yourself and your business and in doing so make you a more effective executive in the process.

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I attended a 2 day sales fundamentals course run by Bradley in summer 2016. I moved from a technical production role in brewing to a role with a sales focus on it and wanted to achieve a good foundation in the basics of sales theory and practice. Bradley was a very passionate tutor who guided us through some very important and valuable sales theory and techniques and catered well for a very diverse group on the course. During and following the course I felt very encouraged and motivated to improve a side of business that had previously been alien to me. Ultimately, I came out the course feeling increasingly confident that set me up well for further progress in a sales lead role. Bradley’s personality and experience was key to the success of the course and I would recommend him as a tutor in sales theory and practice – Robert Percival

Robert Percival
Technical Sales Manager, Lallemand

I have known Bradley for over 10 years and most recently he has been coaching me with respect to my existing business and a new business start-up opportunity that I am looking to launch. Bradley is highly skilled and experienced in business and has enjoyed business success and has also faced and overcome adversity in his life. He is one of the original and truly greatly inspired people you could meet. Not only has Bradley a vast experience of people and business but also on how to grow your business. I hugely recommend Bradley to anyone that is looking to start a new business or grow their existing one – Superb guy with Superb skills and knowledge.

Umar Hussain
Director, Happicabs

I’ve known Bradley since 2010 and have worked with on on various projects during this time. I consider Bradley one of a kind in business and have always valued is experience and advice. He has a great optimism and has been faced with so many challenges that he remains one of my key contacts for advice and has never let me down in telling me straight how it is. I cannot recommend Bradley highly enough to business owners and entrepreneurs alike.

Daniel Cook
Director, Dynamic Consultants

Brad is a true professional, reliable and trust worthy. His clients come first. Highly recommended! Has a good business concept with his company

Simon Sugar
CEO, Amscreen

If you’re looking to grow your business, then look no further than Bradley. His determination and commitment to achieving Yes You Can is outstanding. With an extreme intuitive gift Bradley will guide and identify exactly what you need to do to increase your sales and market yourself to grow a unique brand and profitable business

Karen Whitelaw Smith
Founder, I love My Life Academy

If your sales team appears dead, I will guarantee that Bradley will wake it and not just bring it back to life but have it inspired, excitable and believing that anything is possible within minutes. You may have heard of people that walk into the room and the room lights up however, when Bradley walks into a room it explodes!

Heidi Weir
Business Development Manager

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