Build Your First Sales Team

If you are thinking about building your first sales team then the team at Yes You Can Inspired to Achieve has the experience to help you recruit train and retain your first sales team. “Build Your First Sales Team”

When company directors build their first sales teams they will go through the minefield of recruitment and getting the right people within the team and of course the right sales manager with proven skills that can do the job and will also inspire your sale team to greatness.

Our Master Coach Bradley Chapman has worked in the corporate sector and with startup companies for over 30 years and has worked in some of the most highly motivated sales teams in the country. We have also experienced the harsher end of direct sales and the controls that are required to reach sales success.

Your investment into your new sales team needs to show a decent ROI and if you get it wrong it can have disastrous consequences on your cash flow and profitability.

That’s where we come in:

  • We create a recruitment plan and execute it
  • We create a bespoke sales training program and deliver it
  • We run and manage your team initially as interims
  • We recruit a sales manager and train him for you
  • We work with the team for a period of 6 weeks to 12 weeks
  • We offer ongoing sales training and support to ensure your success
  • Prev Sales
  • New Sales

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your sales success is our success

Sales Recruitment

Recruiting your first sales team is our starting point. We create your recruitment adverts and show you how to interview and inspire

Sales Manager Training

When we recruit your initial team we also recruit a sales manager to do the job. If we cannot recruit the right sales manager form the open market or within your business we will supply you one from our interim stable.

Sales Team Dynamic

The dynamic in your sales has to be spot on. We know what to look for when creating and building a cohesive, motivated and passionate sales team that work and grow together

Daily Weekly and Quarterly KPI Controls

Sales teams need to have control parameters that are called Sales KPI’s. We work with the company Directors to set achievable but challenging KPI’s for your new sales team

Sales Training and Induction

At Yes You Can Inspired to Achieve we are passionate about sales teams and motivated to create the highest return on your investment in us to deliver constant results within your new sales team

Ongoing Business Coaching and Sales Support

We operate on an initial phase where we work within your business on a set and agreed timeframe. Once you team are up and running we offer ongoing sales consultancy to keep you ahead of target

Why Use us to Help you Build your First Sales Team

sales headcount growth

  • Current Sales Headcount
  • New Sales Headcount

recruiting professional inspired sales executives

spotting talent

Spotting  sales talent is an art and at times it is like panning  for gold


Like a plant needs water to grow and flourish, the sales team needs to be nurtured


You get out what you put in and we drive your sales team to deliver high levles of performance


Successful sales growth is all about results and delivering an over target performance

Want to Build your First Sales Team?