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AS SEEN ON TV, RADIO, NEWSPAPERS etc Multi award winning and Mother of The Year Award Winner Sabrina Ben Salmi BSc is also an Award Winning author who went from being lone parent mother of two and faced with a wealth of adversities to becoming a lone parent coach filled with a dream and a burning desire to enrich the lives of lone parent families both locally and globally. To date Sabrina she is now a proud mother of 5 entrepreneurial children who are also multi award winners and award winning authors aged 5yrs to 18yrs old who she refers to as her Fantastic 5 (Lashai 18, Tray-Sean 13, Yasmine 11, Paolo 9 and Amire 5).

Sabrina chose to turn her adversities into empowerment in the hope of inspiring her dependants and her global clients both current and future to allow themselves to take steps towards building their dreams so that they can have fun learning.

Sabrina was born in the U.K. to a St Lucian mother and her Nigerian father. Sabrina was raised by her mother. During childhood Sabrina faced a host of life threatening illness that resulted in tracheotomy. She has experienced bullying throughout her school life and most of adulthood. She went on a journey of self discovery so that she could turn LEMONS INTO LEMONADE.

Sabrina has been assisting lone parents since 2006 as a professional and business transformation consultant, empowering them to achieve their goals, to be successful, to feel more connected, confident, fulfilled, acknowledged and loved. In other words, she ignites their burning desire to start living the life they've always dreamt of. Sabrina is passionate about the intricacies of the mind, our surrounding environment, being fully alive, dancing with the universe and paying it forward.

Sabrina’s background is in Computer Science, Sabrina is Co-Host of YES YOU CAN and panelist judge at the Yes You Can monthly public speaking competition. Co-Foundering director of Harris Invictus Academy (OfSted Outstanding Secondary School). Sabrina is founder of The Mobile Single Parents Project™, Dreaming Big Together™, MindSet-ReSet Now™, Mamas Secret Recipe™ & 21 Day Shift Happens™ transformational Programs. It is said that Sabrina is the mentor of many successful and famous individuals and responsible local and global personal and professional connections that have gone on to influence individuals across the globe.

Sabrina is also a qualified Personal Performance Coach, Access Consciousness Practitioner, Master Results Coach, and Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Advanced Subconscious Reprogramming and Hypnotherapy. Sabrina Ben Salmi BSc continues to immerse herself in an abundance of knowledge through a variety mediums. Sabrina and her family believe in the importance of investing in their personal development and encourage you to do so too. Regan Hillyer & Juanpa Barahona are currently the Ben Salmi family mentors.

She is a Make Your Mark Ambassador, PRECIOUS AWARD finalist, British Library case study; and she has attracted the attention of both National and International media across TV, Newspapers and radio etc for instance BBC London News, BBC Radio, Colourful Radio, Channel 4 documentaries (The Secret Millionaire).

She is also a fellow of the School of Social Entrepreneurs (SSE), A Glimmer If Hope award winner, Urban Futures award winner, an Unltd Award winner and nominated to carry the Olympic Torch 2012.

Sabrina is involved in a variety of diverse projects in a variety of industries both locally and globally ranging from renewable energy, oil to education and personal development. She has a burning desire to inspire and empower others to attain their deepest desires.


Sabrina is extremely passionate about children and youth empowerment and is responsible for the majority of the new stream of child/youth entrepreneurs/authors that are newly visible and coming into the personal development world.

“It’s about time that we stop giving our children indefinite time to remain on the streets and leaving their future to chance. Instead empower them to plant the seed for a brighter tomorrow”

Sabrina and her family have a family mantra and an anthem that they live by.



We believe that there is no such thing as failure only feedback.

We also believe that the journey of one thousand miles begins with a single step in the right direction


If you want to be somebody,
If you want to go somewhere,
You better wake up and


I'm ready to be somebody,
I'm ready to go somewhere,
I'm ready to wake up and


The question is ARE YOU?

My book: Lone Parenthood: Essential Tips on How to Create the Life You Deserve

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