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Roxanne St Clair is an award winning inspirational speaker, author, passionate educator, and effective coach and consultant who supports business owners, particularly to master the spiritual side of success. She is often referred to as a calming breeze, as she has a way of listening and offering solutions that take the drama out of potentially stressful situations.

Roxanne is the eldest of three children, but is the only sibling born and raised in the U.K. She spent her formative years as the youngest, and smallest, of a large extended family.

Since 2001 she has worked with business owners, helping them to be more effective by creating structure and systems, giving them more time and money to do the things they love.
Roxanne typically works with businesses with a multi 6 and 7 figure turnover, with one or more directors. Working as an integral part of senior teams peaked Roxanne’s curiosity into the significance of an individual’s mindset and its effect on the growth of their business. The observation helped Roxanne to realise that her true passion was in helping individuals transform their thinking so that they can in turn transform their businesses.

Through her motivational talks and powerful workshops, Roxanne helps individuals achieve new heights of spiritual aliveness and success that ultimately leads to creating a more balanced and purpose driven life. Her compassionate, compelling style calls participants into the ‘moreness’ of life and inspires and supports them to live into the full expression of who they are meant to be.

Roxanne created The Value in You® , a set of 52 inspirational leadership cards, as a means to assist individuals in their quest to live a life that they love…

Creating The Value In You® was triggered by a desire to help women, and as a result families, to embrace all aspects of themself. Roxanne is currently writing a book based on the cards for executives and those in leadership roles.

A believer in making a significant contribution and giving back Roxanne is a trustee of two charities that support young people, one predominantly in the U.K. and the other Pan Commonwealth. Roxanne is proud to have project managed the completion and installation of the statue of Mary Seacole which is located in the gardens of St Thomas’ Hospital, facing the Houses of Parliament.



Roxanne is an experienced speaker who inspires, motivates, and entertains her audiences, large and small. She has shared the stage with speakers such as Dr John Demartini from the movie The Secret.

She has had appearances on:

International radio

12 Minute Convos with Engel Jones

Sky 590 - The Digging Deep Show

She has also been seen in Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue

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+44 (0)7958 156 302

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