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Hi, my name is Rajan Bose MBE and I am The Energy Avatar.

I transform lives, whether it’s Health, Wealth, Career or Relationships.

I help you break through any blocks, challenges or stresses you may be experiencing by providing tailored Life Solution plans.

My services are unique in that I target and transform not just your Mind, or just your Body or Environment (MBE) I work with all three to ensure you are able to Transform and Improve any area of your Life.

I have over 17 years’ experience in Reiki, Feng Shui, Clinical Hypnosis, Crystals and Meditations.

So if You want/need to transformation any aspect of your life, no need to go far - I am Rajan Bose MBE - The Energy Avatar!

I became a qualified Reiki Master/Practitioner in 2004.

Qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist in 2013 (DCH)

Feng Shui & Energy cleansing consultant

Born in London, Anglo Indian (so I offer the best of both Worlds :o)).

Like most, I experienced some challenges and struggles during my life when I was younger and decided to turn to a positive outlet to get me through. Which was going to Reiki classes, meditations and showering the mind with positive inputs.

This started me on my healing journey of Reiki, helping those who needed it, which took me into Hypnosis as I saw the power of the mind in our everyday life and the impact it had; then to Feng Shui as improving and aligning our environments was the last piece of the puzzle for me to assist with my clients really turning their lives around.

I have worked with many different clients over the years on issuing ranging from stress relief, insomnia, other health issues, Financial/business issues, (A client flew me out to Dubai in April to work on his Villa as he had seen first-hand the improvements to his family home in UK), to Energy cleansing of homes, currently working with a client on an interior design project for their family home, another client who has problems selling her current home, who also wants me to Feng Shui and align their new property.


So my work in varied as from my perspective everything is Energy including us and my job is to harmonise, align and re-energise any and all aspects, for those who are open to improve.

Contact details:


Tel 07503899189

Email info@energyavatar.org

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