Make The News London With Bradley Chapman

Make The News London With Bradley Chapman

We are delighted to announce that the date for Make The News London with Bradley Chapman has now been confirmed for July 4th 2017 and tickets are now on sale.

Bradley’s Comments on the event:-

On the 4th July 2017 join me and your amazing hosts Marina Nani and Darie Nani for a Gala evening of pure #Stardust Gold with Radio Works Make the News London.

I am so excited about this fabulous Gala event being held at the The Crowne Plaza on the 4th July at 6.30pm.

Make the News London if you have not been before is an opportunity for you to share your news. The evening is not just for the speakers and hosts it also an evening where the guests can become the speakers and deliver their inspiring life stories.

This is no ordinary network, this is the #Stardust Network and London Hub.

If you have not been before then I open my warmest wishes for you to come and join some very special speakers, members and guests. You will also meet the Radio Works #stardust creators who make it all happen.

It really will and can change your life – It has mine…

Come along and sprinkle your own #stardust

Some of us search a lifetime for something very special to connect with and be a part of.

There is no need to search anymore as the rough diamonds are right beneath your feet – Just pick them up and book your ticket and then we will show you how to you can polish and shape your rough diamond into a sparkling #stardust Gem..

You won’t look back only forward to a World of Possibility.

It starts with you….

See you on the red carpet…

Regards and Warmest Wishes
Bradley Chapman


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