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Herman is an author and a co-author, international inspiring and motivational speaker, public speaker Award winner of the Yes You Can Inspired to Achieve Speakers Award London, July 2018, and now a panelist judge at the Yes You Can monthly public speaking competition in London. He is also a minister.

Originally from Congo Brazzaville, central, Herman was born and raised by a poor single mother after being rejected by his father prior to his birth. He spent the first six years after his birth without a birth certificate.

However, her mum fought hard to cause his father to accept his fatherhood via the jugement of a tribunal jugement.

Her mother fought to get Herman educated and enrolled him in primary school. Her mum's fighting spirit allowed to learn never to give up without putting up a fight for success. At the age of starting his academics in university, he had to forsake his studies to take care of her sick mother till her death.

It is while taking care of his mum that he learned English and later became a teacher of English in various private schools of Pointe-Noire his hometown.

Despite harsh odds against him like surving a national civil war in 1997, Herman worked as an Interpreter at LangPlus. And then for Ericsson as the Head of Protocol and greeting department during the Congo B Swap project, and headed the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) of Baker Hughes a GE company.

Settled in the UK since 2006 Herman has gone through the challenges of being an asylum seeker to a proud contributing British Citizen.

Nicknamed the Gentleman for his politness and effective communication, Herman is very determined, driven, dynamic, enthusiastic, imaginative, passionate and inspiring.

Through his socio-professional life he's gained the ability to help community and corporate teams to engage with passion, purpose and openness, hence, creating the process inspired teams and companies which enjoy a higher level of company and employee engagement.

Herman believes in the power of a dream, having survived an attempted murder on his person. Based on that traumatic life experience, he helps people realise that having a dream to succeed is a gateway to living a significant, powerful, and legacy-centered life.

Herman is also training as a pilot, soon to a Private Pilot License holder, always with the aim of inspiring others to take actions towards achieving success.

Herman specialises in:

Community and Corporate Human Engagement

Public and Motivational Speaking

You can contact Herman Thystere via the details below:

Telephone: +44 (0)7482 985588
Email: h_thystere@hotmail.co.uk

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