Are your foundations strong enough to expand your business

 Are your foundations strong enough to expand your business

Rapid expansion destroys companies, but it would probably be true to say the majority of those who go “too far too fast” actually thought they were on firm ground.

So, how to do know when the time is right to engage in a major expansion programme? When you’ve done your market research? When the funding is in place and the new equipment, new branch, building extension or factory is feasible? When you have recruited the right people to drive the business forwards? When your clients fill your orders books and still come back for more?

The answer is all of the above. The right time is when your business intelligence tells you that the information, infrastructure and personnel are in place to make your expansion possible. It will also tell you that it feels the right time too – your business instinct, supported by data and tangible resources.

There is another element too that can inform, guide and underpin business expansion – confidence and determination to make it work.

All the bricks and mortar, data and team spirit, need a layer of optimism and drive to cement successful change.

Managing change, and making sure your business is fully engaged in the expansion programme, is about installing your sense of belief and excitement into those around you.

Throughout all the change and growth, it is also key to keep hold of the original vision behind your organisation.  Success has been built on your original vision and to leave that behind may strip away what you do best. And erode customer loyalty and faith in you.

Measuring the financial and physical readiness of your expansion programme is a great deal easier than quantifying the intangible – but nevertheless vital elements. That’s where we come in – as we can help you build your business intelligence and insights, grow and share your confidence and reignite your vision. 

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