Bradley Chapman at the Radio Works Author Awards 2017 with Marina Nani

I had the great pleasure of being invited to the Radio Works Author Awards 2017 held at the Crowne Plaza, Battersea. The event is the creation of Marina Nani who is one of the most amazing heart centered entrepreneurs that you could meet.

The event was inspiring and fulfilling. The Author Award winners shared their inspiring journeys on stage and i must say that i was both humbles and inspired to be among some truly amazing people. I was invited by Adam Strong who is also performance coach.

I also shared one of my stories on stage about one of the many adversities that i have faced in business. It is only when you look back in your life that you realise that everything you experience both good and bad is actually what makes you the person you are today.

When you sit among heart centered entrepreneurs there is no judgement, in fact there was so much love and support at this event that I cannot wait to go back and experience it again.

I wish to thank Marina Nani for the amazing event that she delivered.

Awesome event – Awesome People – Awesome Stories – Awesome Books – Awesome Courage

Best Wishes Bradley

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