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Beata Bikowska is a Success Coach and Mental Wellbeing Expert, Multi Award Winning Speaker, Motivational Speaker and Author of the book titled ‘The Invisible Mask – How to Reveal the Beauty Hidden Within’

Registered in Health and Care Professionals Council and Polish Psychology Association.  Beata Bikowska has been working with people for over 25 years and is extremely passionate about helping individuals to set and achieve both their personal and professional goals within all areas of their life from learning, employment, relationships and their own personal wellbeing. She has gained extensive experience across the Health and Social Care sector working within a wide range of roles from a Staff Nurse, Social Worker and most recently Health and Life Coach and Advanced Practitioner - Mental Health . She has had the honor of accompanying people in various moments of their lives, from sadness to joy, from resignation, falling, fight and finally victory, to whom many of us, including herself can relate to and this is what drives her vision and purpose, having shared her wisdom in various avenues such as  Businesswoman Congress Warsaw 2017 and as seen is Businesswoman & Life magazine.

The ability to assist individuals to consciously manage their state and discover their hidden potential, manage it and achieve personal or professional success is what propelled Beata to create her programs and strategies which now enables her clients to excel beyond their imagination.

Beata not only has the knowledge and professional experience but also life experience that many can relate to as she suffered greatly due to lack of belief in herself that had a great influence on how she once lived and feel.

She was born in Poland in 1971 . Growing up in an unsafe and unhealthy environment had a detrimental impact on Beata`s perception of the world. Moreover,  the image of strong and successful individuals created by the media left no space for talk about the price that many people, including her , pay for being picture-perfect.  The image of being the best , being perfect caused her many stresses too.

Beata was able to overcome her lack of confidence and limiting beliefs to achieving her goals and becoming a successful entrepreneur and these are the many tips and strategies that she now shares with the world.

So, as a Health and Life Coach Beata helps   individuals in all sectors define their life, occupational and pro-health goals and helps them to define their resources, action plan, manage time effectively , prevent disease  and, above all, help them achieve and live their desired life.

Beata believes strongly that one should never stop believing in others and encourages that you should believe in yourself and live the life you want.

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