Initial Discovery Business Coaching Call

Initial Discovery Business Coaching Call with Bradley Chapman


Our Heartfelt Entrepreneur, Master Coach and Business Growth Expert Bradley Chapman offers all of our new clients an initial discovery business coaching call. Just fill out your details in the appointment calendar and Brad will you contact you at the agreed time.

Bradley Chapman Inspiring the Stardust Audience at The Radio Works Make The News London Event with Marina Nani

See Bradley in Action at The Radio Works Make the News London Event with Marina Nani and the #Stardust Team. WATCH NOW

Bradley assists clients across the UK and some Internationally to help them with their business startup and business growth. Bradley has over 25 years UK and International business trading experience and will help you from business startup right through to overcoming adversity and high growth sales team success. He will motivate you and empower you too take action! 



“It was a genuine pleasure to work with Brad, His passion infectious enthusiasm and from the heart testimony’s was a genuine inspiration and I can honestly say on a personal level That working with Brad and learning from Brad has made me a better person and helped all of the team to perform much better and over Achieve on target” Ainlsey Duncombe – International Business Director


“If you’re looking to grow your business, then look no further than Bradley. His determination and commitment to and achieving Yes You Can is outstanding. With an extreme intuitive gift Bradley will guide and identify exactly what you need to do to increase to your sales and market yourself to grow a unique brand and profitable business”  –  Karen Whitelaw-Smith


Bradley is probably the most animated individual that I’ve ever met! You may have heard of people that walk into the room and the room lights up however, when Bradley walks into a room it explodes! If your sales team appears dead, I will guarantee that Bradley will not just wake it and bring it back to life but have it inspired, excitable and believing That anything is possible within minutes. In the years that I’ve known him, I have never met a business owner or employee that has not been inspired by his passion and determination. He has a wonderful way of encouraging confidence and Ensuring That You push yourself to Achieve above and beyond what you ever believed you were capable of and achieving. Thanks Bradley …. thanks even for the wrinkles! – Heidi Weir


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